Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm really not a negative person...Honest

But for some reason, all these posts seem to have that type of seasoning. I really am a happy well adjusted person...Right?

Well maybe not well adjusted, I mean, I am a mom of 2.3 kids. My days can vary from extremely mundane and boring, to frantic and overwheming. Try adjusting to that for very often. Can we say "split personalities"?

I read everyday about women experiencing post partum depression, women dealing with loss of parents or children. Women who are dealing with failed marriages or cheating spouses, and I think to myself, "my life is pretty great". Yeah there are occasional dips in the road. Sometimes it feels like you are at the bottom of the grand canyon, but with a little bit of work, you can always get back on top. Or a lot a bit of work. I read mostly about women who don't make informed choices about their options in life, and not only do I get sad, I also get angry. Just ask big D.

So I was wondering why I felt so inclined to make my life seem so shallow and desperate in my posts. Do I think this is entertaining drivel? I probably would be board, and I guess I am. I mean, what in the world is potty training a 3 year old going to change? My life could change but I don't think it would be all that much....Really. I don't really think I need to uplift my readers, since I am really not the uplifting type of girl. I mean, I am friendly, sort of silly kind of girl, but in a way, spiritually shy. I don't read great novels (although I used to), I don't get involved politically, or even with the PTA. But I do have lots of opinions, and I guess, I've been told, I am pretty vocal about them. Why oh why hasn't my dear readers benefited from this! I'm not sure, maybe I am worried that I would offend some, or maybe I am just to tired when I blog to not get on my lactavist soap box.

So I'm not promising anything, I could be just as boring in the future, but maybe, just maybe I might have something controversial to say. Stay tuned...


big d said...

go ahead! be controversial and piss people off! that's how the rest of the world get's attention!

really, i'm not saying any press is good press. i'm not even encouraging you to follow the crowd onto the controversy bandwagon.

i'm just saying, if you're just speaking your true core beliefs, from your heart with no intention other than expressing your opinion, or answering a questions, then anyone who gets offended did so because of personal insecurities and issues. you can't actually piss anyone off unless they give you permission. by which i mean they actively choose to take your words in a way they weren't meant, based on their own beliefs and allow it to upset them.

how many of your readers did i piss off now?

btw, the above isn't true if you say things trying to upset or hurt people. of course watching your surprise and pain over those who do get angry, it's obvious that you have only pure intentions.

that's one of the things i love about you. you truly are kind and compassionate, and you are honest.

APRIL said...

I keep thinking that my posts are coming off negative a lot of times too. I almost figure it's better to do it this way and give people an option of reading verses calling and forcing someone to listen while I complain.

Stephanie said...

I could have written this post. I think our blogs are a way to get validation and to feel normal when we don't feel like whining to our DHs or RLFs.

Motherhood can be the lonliest job around. There is nothing wrong with hopping on the net to share with other women that understand.

My life is pretty boring to read about. I get you.

Stacy said...

I think you are wonderful! And no one can be upset unless they CHOOSE to be. Life is all about choices. No matter what happens to us in life, no matter what we hear, read, see, whatever, we have a CHOICE to how we will react. So if others are upset by your stories or soapboxes... then that is THEIR problem and they can stop reading.

Like I said - YOU are wonderful!!!