Thursday, August 10, 2006

mental catch more flies with honey

This past week we have been hopelessly trying to help Harry have a better attitude about things. To not be negative or grumpy. I talked in bed with him for about an hour the other night about catching flies with honey. I then related it to mom and dad, and catching them with a sweet harry, not a sour one. I think he got it, and he has been trying really hard to make the adjustment. I'm crossing my fingers, but I figure it is going to be a lesson repeated. I mean he's six right?

And then there is me, I have felt very sleep deprived as Chilly, the 3 year old, has not been sleeping well. We subscribe to the whole "family" bed thing. So you know, in the middle of the night, during a nightmare or whatever ,the boys are welcome to join the big bed, cuddle and get some reassurance. I know what you are thinking, and you couldn't be more right...lazy parents. So while Chilly has something that has yet to be diagnosed, that seems to prevent him from actually sleeping for an hour at a time in his own bed. Thus I find him nightly with his feet in my face, or something much worse, and woken up from my peaceless sleep. already having been interrupted by The Third Installment's constant need for me to deflate my bladder. I know, you get it, I'm tired.

Here is where the story takes an interesting turn. How is it that I CAN actually sleep with a 3 year old who peed all over me, flayling his arms to and fro, a dog doing aerobics and needs to go outside at the crack of dawn, the husband who is loudly emitting bodily noises preparing to get ino the shower, the 6 year old who has decided that it is time to get up and play space ships or blow up the house or something equally as loud, a pbs kids nonsensical cartoon, and the garbage truck. But one stinking fly buzzing around will wake me? One little fly that was let into the house by the screen door needing to be fixed? One annoying little fly that will sleep peacefull during the day, when I am fully awake to hunt and destroy, but at 7:00am when I have had a horrible night of bathroom trips and restless toddler syndrome, insists on crawling on my face and waking me up? It is not fair I tell you.

AND this fly that currently resides in my bedroom, has been there for at least a week, which has me questioning my high school biology class, or whatever pbs documentary, that told me that insects don' t have very long life spans. If this dang fly keeps up the morning routine, he isn't going to have a life anymore.

But the cute part in all of this was Harry. He told me that he could go get the honey out of the cupboard and catch that fly for me. I can't even begin to imagine the mess that would make. I think that was the sweetest thing he could have said.


emlouisa said...

I hate flies.

And Harry is adorable.

big d said...

he is a good boy, really. grumpy sometimes, but good.

...and if you're really sleeping, how can you accuse me of bodily noises?

APRIL said...

I've had those same wake-ups from the flies, but we don't have a holey screen, then just find their way in (just like the rest of the bugs). I hate the buzzing when I'm trying to sleep!

Meemer said...

big d, because when I do wake up I realize how noisy everyone is!

Stacy said...

How sweet to know that your little talk got through to him! Your boys are going to really look out for their mama aren't they?