Monday, August 14, 2006

School's OUT!! And other assorted rambles

Well sort of. I know, I know, another gripe about year round school...Well, not really. I mean, I enjoyed sleeping in until 8:00 this morning, having a lazy breakfast, and planning on playing with my boys today. But I know that, eventually, Harry is going to get board at home. AND now the rest of the world has finally started school, so there aren't a lot of playmates out there anymore. At least we'll have the park to ourselves.

Big d is shedding his skin like a snake. Well almost. But it is coming off in sheets. It really is wild, and kind of gross. But that also means he's as itchy as me. I blame mine on pregnancy hormones, and a mild sunburn, but that is because I am itchy everywhere. Poor big D, not only does he itch like crazy, but he has to constantly scratch me

We officially created a new geek for our family. There was hope for Harry to not get involved in everything science fiction. But alas, as we watched our beloved star trek last night, he got quite into it. And he turned on reading rainbow this morning, and was upset that "geordi" was not on the enterprise. *sigh* There is no hope for this boy.

Chilly is potty training himself! He totally disappeared yesterday while I was making dinner. I could hear him grunting and I asked him if he was pooping. "Yeah" he yelled back at me. And sure enough, as big D ran up to see what he was doing, he was sitting on the toilet pooping. Cool huh? Well, you all know I'm lazy as can be, but maybe this is a sign that I really ought to put some effort into the whole thing, and get him out of the pullups. Just as soon as big d fixes our downstairs toilet.


Stacy said...

Hooray for Chilly!!! How lucky are you?

Now I wish my weeks had been flip-flopped so I could've let my boys play with their cousins a little more...

big d said...

toilet works!