Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sunburned Saturday.

"So what do you wanna do today?"

"I dunno, what do you wanna do?"

If you are like us, Saturday after chores, we have a conversation similar to this one. Not every Saturday, most Saturdays during regular summer hours are filled to the brim with other obligations, family reunions, yard sales, that kind of thing.

But we had nothing PLANNED for today. Big D had mowed the lawn, the boys had breakfast and sufficient "let me get some energy out so mom doesn't kill us" time, and I had made my soon to be weekly trip to the local farmers market for some fresh produce. What to do? What to do? A hike? A trip to a cave?? The zoo? SOMEthing please! I made a suggestion to big d, and he took the bait. The local lake, or dam, or whatever you call it.

So in a matter of minutes the boys were scrambling for the swimming suits, I had packed a picnic lunch, and we were off. In the van. On the road. On our way. It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue, the clouds were white, and the water, well... It was wet. We paid our obligatory fee (8$ are you kidding me??) and we set up "base". A spray with the sunscreen for the boys and into the water they went. I sat on the beach for some time, soaking up the sun, Big D made sand castles. All in all, a relaxing day at the beach.

4 hours passed, and we figured we were tired and hungry enough to make the trip home. With sandy cheeks, grumpy kids, and sunburned faces, we reluctantly came home. That is probably when I first noticed it. Well I have to admit, I probably first noticed it when I started shivering on the beach. Not a good sign. All mommy instinct said..It's time to go! So we did. And by the time we got home, I had sunburned more of me than usual. And big D is a lobster.

Honestly, I usually don't burn much. I have nice olive skin that can take the most dangerous sun rays without a blush. If I do end up with a bit of red, it is gone almost the next morning, replaced by a nice tan. Jealous? Most people are. I tan naturally, I almost crave having sunlight on my face. My boys are turning out to be a lot like me (thankfully!). Big D isn't so fortunate. I am pretty anal about smearing the boys up with spf 50000, but big d, well he's a big boy, and he really should know better. I should too. 4 hours in water is bound to create a tad of color to anyone. But here we are, Saturday night, sitting around in our underwear with Aloe Vera smeared all over us. Dumb? Yeah, but we had a blast!


big d said...

a very fun day indeed! thanks for the great idea! it was nice to do "something!"

APRIL said...

Sounds like something I do.... take care of the little ones, the big ones (Mom and Dad) have to take care of themselves, and I don't until I get burned good.

modernmama said...

Glad you enjoyed your day! With my fair skin, I am fully experienced in the sunscreen/sunburn way of life. Vinegar works really well too...just put it in a spray bottle or dab it on with a soft cloth. Sounds funny, and smells interesting, but it takes all the burn out!

Stacy said...

You look GREAT with the after sun- glow! But poor D! I hurt for him when I saw his back!

Glad you had fun at the lake... let me know if it's too early to go swimming by Tues/Wed!

Meemer said...

Modernmamma- you rock! thanks for the vinegar suggestion!