Thursday, October 16, 2008


did you watch the debate last night? you know, between those two losers that are running for president?

we did. sort of. mostly we had it on while dearest son #1 was trying to tell me something, and dearest son #2 was complaining about something, and dearest son #3 was trying to cuddle.

but we had it on anyway. during a boring part of our family life, i asked harry which guy i should vote for. which guy he liked better. mccain was talking at that point and he looked at the tv with frown and said "the other guy".

so i waited until obama talked and then asked him
" this guy?"


and then chilly pipped in.
"yeah, i like this guy a lot more than that other guy, the old one"

so, if i take the word from my very observant and discerning child, i would tell you that i'm a votin' for obama. not that you were wondering, right?


big d said...

the best part of the debates is the snl afterward!

the next best part is the fact checking afterward. see how often both candidates spin, inflate, misstate, or are just plain wrong.

i guess third place goes to yelling insults at the tv when one or the other make some ridiculous, stupid, or blatantly wrong statement.

go ralph nader!!!

The black sheep said...

I had to go with neither of them, I voted a few days ago and didn't pick ither of em. I went green party. I would rather a flatchested tree huger run my life. LOL

Star said...

It's all so poopy, I'm not even remotely excited about this year's election except that Lewis Johnson is running for the County Commission. GO MR. JOHNSON!

Megan said...

Well, at least you watched the dang thing. I wonder who my kids would pick...

One Crazy Family said...

Chilly- a boy of great insight.

It is like choosing between the rock and the hard place. Which of the two yahoo's will least likely continue to mess everything up so that we all get to live in cardboard boxes by the railroad tracks.

On a lighter note Super Dell is running for governor. That has to hurt.