Thursday, October 09, 2008

in just the waking hours of the day, fussy has:

taken off 3 diapers
changed his clothes 3 times
peed on the floor 5 times
taken handfulls of wheat and thrown it all over the kitchen floor
strewn toiletpaper from bathroom to bathroom (occasionally eating it)
thrown toilet paper in the tub while it was filling
chewed up food and spat it out 3 times
fed the dog chewed up chicken nuggets
destroyed the made bed
eaten handfulls of candy corn from the pantry
screamed for chocolate chips
chased chickens
picked green tomatoes
bonked his head 3 times
cut his finger
eaten dog food
chased the dog around with dog food
poured water out of the tub
fed the dog lexi water from tub
threw pasta all over the floor
broke a halloween statue

learned a new word...damnit!

welcome to the terrible two's


Laurel said...

I've heard people say the terrible two's are worse than the teenage years. We'll see, right? I was hoping there would be some kind of magical end to all this craziness when Dallin turns 3 this month, but the outlook is bleak...

Megan said...

Ah man. I'm sorry. That stinks. He'll grow out of it, right? And my dh wonders why the house doesn't stay clean.

Kelsey-boo said...

been around grandpa lately? makes you wonder when he's listening.

Anonymous said...

wow what a day!! And my 2yo just learned that word that like a right of passage? *giggle*

grandmaj said...

You'v been throgh this with the other boys, but it seems everyone gets harder, maybe because we slow down. Give him a kiss for me and hope this will pass. Love you Grandma J

Rachelle said...

I'm laughing at the word!

The black sheep said...

so you need me to #1 send you a big bag of toilet paper. #2 get my tubes it.

Tim and Vicky Porter said...

I laughed right out loud when I read this and remembered those days with Amber and Skyler when they were little. Thanks for sharing... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey that sounds like Ryder's and My day glad someone else is having one of those and it is not just me. Counsin Carla in Santaquin.