Saturday, October 18, 2008


i guess i have to start this story early. today is saturday. harry and i go to rehearsal down in salt lake. it is a good amount of time for us to make it on time. i got up early and went for a run this morning, and when i came home, i was trying to get harry to hurry. so we could go.

at one point he came in with a nice sweater vest and pants and showed me. he was excited to look nice today. okay. cool. get dressed dude, and lets go.

so we make it on time to rehearsal. pretty typical stuff. lots of music, lots of singing. so for harry, it means lots of reading.

about 2 hours into rehearsal, they call us out to go try on our costumes. i had no idea we would be fitted for costumes today. it is super exciting for harry. we have our costumes in hand, and i am wondering what to do.

we do have a pretty open door policy at our house, but this is public. harry needs to get dressed in the men's dressing room, and i don't go in there. after leading him there, and practically shoving him in the door, he has a look of panic on his face. i ask him what is wrong.

apparently he never put on underwear this morning. and when i told him he needed to take his clothes off and wear his nice costume, the thought of not having any underoos to cover his junk was too much for him.

so he changed in the bathroom. by himself.

i was shocked. surprised. i don't think i knew that my kid often went without undies. now i'm gonna have to check. it was only slightly embarrassing when i had to help him with his sandals and he flashed me. i also mentioned to the costumer not to lift his robe up too much, or she would get an eye full.

i tell ya, the weirdest things happen when you have kids.


lyn said...

that's funny!

Anonymous said...

oh no!! I have to remind my 5yo not to forget underwear at bedtime sometimes!

big d said...


sweetpea said...

okay, so this totally made me laugh! so funny!

Megan said...

I'm so glad you wrote that down. That is the best! I think this whole situation will convince him to wear underwear from now on. Too funny! Love the Halloween background too!

One Crazy Family said...

Don't you just love little boys.

I found out that I have to check Garret too as he is prone to go "commando" whenever he gets the chance.

I think it is really neat that you are both doing this together. It is really cool and something that Harry will always remember.