Tuesday, October 14, 2008

meemer's take on the crappy economy

i was also at the local post office today, where a "guy" was talking to the lady behind the counter about how our government losers should all be shot and hung. or disemboweled. something like that. as he exited the building ( i was hoping for an armed escort, but what can you do?) he said

"i am just so freaking angry about everything that is going on!"

yeah, we gottcha buddy.

i'm not smart. nor am i an expert on anything....well, i could be considered an expert on pooh, but that is a different story.

i think it has to do with being really greedy. i mean, everybody has been greedy. the banks, the consumers, the banks. you know, the people who decided that we could afford house-payments-that-are-the-same-size-as-the-paycheck kind of thing. it makes me wonder, if our country would be hurting right now if we didn't all just "live within our means". if we could have just bought what we needed and nothing else. if we could have just tucked some of that money away, instead of buying the car new, or paying out the nose for cable, would we be in a better place? if we all walked more, reused more clothes, grew more gardens, supported our local farmers, ate out less, and stopped buying all the useless crap to fill up our mcmansions. if when buying a new house, we chose the house that would work, instead of the house that was new or looked better, or had all the bells and whistles. if instead of grabbing everything that we qualified for, if we would only take what we could pay for instead. if we could take that small vacation or weekend away instead of insisting on several a year. if we could have maybe one credit card. if we didn't have to buy our kids the newest toy, or the coolest thing for birthdays. if we could take the bus more. if we could make more things instead of buying them. if we could let christmas be what it once was. we are a very greedy and desperate people. it's all about priorities, right?

i'm not saying this would have solved the problems. and i'm sure our vision is perfect while looking back, but don't you wonder? don't you think it would have been nice to have frugal-ness more popular than extravagance?

i'm good with the government coming in and taking control of everything. really. but i want the greedy people out. i would like to see more people being held accountable. it's really hard for me to see people who have had everything, keep everything. there is nothing wrong with being poor. some of us do it every day.

capitalism is a great thing. working hard toward the american dream is a great thing. but acquiring 700 billion dollars in debt? i don't know if that is such a great thing.

what do you think?


Laurel said...

too bad people living within their means are by far the minority group. I do say boo on the bailout though. I mean, something has to be done, but this is a pretty pathetic band aid, don't ya think?

big d said...

i think it's funny that the same people who freak out at the mention of socialism are ok with this bailout! how can we be ok with capitalist profits going to big business (and their ceo's making millions), while socializing the debt of their failing businesses!

grandmaj said...

Mom says: Thats our big problem once we vote our congressmen in they forget why they are in Washington and only look out for themselves and their pockets. They say the right things to get there but forget once they get the power.Don't you just love it.

Katie said...

well said meemer. i'm not really sure what the answer is - but i think you are right. i think this has been coming for a long time. too much overspending and consuming is bound to catch up to america i think. and i wish each individual would think about what their own responsibility is to help instead of just getting angry at the government. everyone is looking for a finger to point whether it be big businesses or government. but i think it is more individuals than anything. yeah sure banks gave loans to people who couldn't afford them but those people should KNOW they can't afford them. we need to take responsibility for our actions. the economic disaster might be just what america needs.

Robin said...

Here, Here...or is it hear, hear? Just kidding, I'm smrt. S-M-R-T. Meemer, you are insanely awesome!!! I don't want to comment on the subject, I just want to comment on you. I love you, Meemer! Love, your favorite North Ogdenite

Robin said...

I mean, former North Ogdenite, current Tooelian.

Amy said...

ITA agree with you. My husband and I were just talking of this the other night. And it stinks, the economy, the bailout, all of it!!

scraphappymama said...

I agree. I'm not sure what the right answer is now, but it sure couldn't have hurt the economy to have people living more frugally. Gotta love the "entitlement" mentality!!

Star said...

Great post Meemer! I agree wholeheartedly. It boils down to the irresponsible leading the irresponsible right down the toilet. Now who gets to pick up the pieces? Hey, I've heard of this girl who is an expert on pooh!