Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i'm not ready to be a borg

i tell ya, the things you think about when you are running.

i put in star trek while i was running on the treadmill today. it was the movie about the borg. you remember the one? anyway, i was physically running and running through some stuff in my head. i was thinking about how hard it is to be different in this lds culture. how hard it is to be more liberal in a very conservative state.

then i saw some character say "resistance is futile" and i started laughing. because that is how i feel. i'm sort of in the bottom of a sludge, and trying to get my point across really seems futile.

it just seems that this current election is so charged with emotion. at least from where i stand. i get emails daily about how the fate of the world is resting on one person, and who we choose for president. i see the emails that involve quotes from general authorities, or false emails from general authorities. and then it is implied, that if i don't agree, then i must not be spiritual enough, or mormon enough. that is a lot of pressure to put on someone, don't you think?

i don't think the fate of the world rests on who wins the election. in fact, i'm sure that all the rhetoric will be forgotten in the months to come. i don't know how much power a single person in this country has. i'm sure there are single persons' with extreme power, but i doubt they are the kind that we actually vote for, ya know?

but i still am not ready to give in, and sign up. i'm not ready for the implied brain implant and the loss of my self. i can only be true to myself, even if that means that i am in a room full of angry space robots.

yeah, i know, i'm totally a geek.


Catsngrams said...

Well welcome to the club. I like being my own person and doing my own thoughts. I hate it when just because you are a certain religion you are expected to think do and act a certain way even if it is not you. Well now that I have that off my check. Have a great day ok? Your mom's cuz.

Megan said...

I'm having a really hard time with this election too. And I'm sorry your views are being attacked. I think the only thing you CAN do is be true to yourself. I <3 you.

big d said...

well said! way to use your inner geek to explain a muddy issue clearly!

btw do people actually believe that 2 people with completely different backgrounds and upbringing, living in radically disparate circumstances and socio-economic states will always have the same answer to their prayers? i would think the great creator would know us better than that, and would give us answers individualized to our current needs. at least on trivial non-doctrine issues.

lyn said...

You will be assimilated?

It's been a tough election. It never fails to surprise me how God and politics mix and those who think God is on their side are incredibly smug about it.

I'd say it'll be over in another week, but then there will probably just be 4 years of "see... I told you so!" :)

One Crazy Family said...

Way to go sis. I agree with you all the way. We all have our own views and opinions and no one group should be able to tell an individual how to vote. This is not Survivor and we are not being voted off the island. It is nice to see though, that people are taking the time to vote this year.

Anonymous said...

great post!! I for one stay out of politics. I have my views and if people ask I may mention it. But where is it my place to say "you have to vote for X" I mean each person gets to choose for themselves, that's the beauty of lving in a free country where you aren't forced to vote one way. I hope my Jan it all dies down and people will get over it.

Drostan and Jennifer Family said...

Hey, anything to get you through a run, right? :-)

smart mama said...

LOL- I should send you the Locutus of Borg action figure I foudn int he toy bin the other day

Meemer said...

uh, smart mama, that would totally rock!