Monday, March 09, 2009

a lesson from those punks on capitol hill

or whoever it is that decides this whole "daylight savings" thing.

first off, i'm not a fan. well...i'm not a fan right now. give me time to adjust to the fact that my brain isn't quite awake an hour before i usually get up. i know i'll be grateful for the extra hour during the summer, but right now...hmmm not so much. then again, i've really accomplished quite a bit today...

i was thinking about it though, this whole "messing with time" thing is really quite amazing. it's like the power of God or something. here we are, regularly it would only be 2 in the afternoon, but now it's actually 3, and time to go get kids from school, and get dinner started and all that jazz. that is why those punks do this. just another example of absolute power corrupting absolutely. of course, during the day, it seems i've got so much more done!

then again, what if i could do this myself? what if i could change my clocks to 15 minutes ahead of schedule and get my body used to that? i'd never be late to church. i'd always pick up the kids on time, i'd have dinner ready and waiting. i'd have so much more time in my day. i wonder what would happen if i did a half hour early? or even better, an HOUR. of course, i'd be really early dropping the kids off for school, but i could again get so much more done!

okay, realistically, it's not going to happen. it's nice to dream though. i will leave my clocks all set randomly a bit early and call it good. maybe i'll even go to bed earlier and try to wake up earlier? yeah, right...

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