Tuesday, March 31, 2009

parenting confessionals

for dinner tonight, instead of eating the usual fare of chicken and noodles, my boys ate strawberries and apples. and i was okay with that, mostly because they weren't fighting.

i've given up trying to get my whole wheat bread recipe to work and i just make white bread. because it turns out beautiful and my kids eat it. maybe some day, i'll get the right wheat recipe.

even though bedtime is at 8 pm, i usually let my kids stay up a little bit later to read.

every once in a while, i actually make breakfast that has something healthy in it. most of the time, i get the milk out and let them choose a cereal.

my son loves chicken nuggets for lunch, and i let him eat it every day.

i stock up on candy when i go to sam's club. i stick it in my purse, in the van, and in stashes around the house for those times when i need something to bribe my kids.

i hate playing trains on the floor. but i will. although i usually just lay there and roll the train back and forth on the same bit of track.

i don't have hairspray or a magic eraser, so my couch looks the same as it did when i took pictures on monday.

sometimes when my kid swears, it's funny. so i laugh. then i tell him not to do it.

i let my kids watch bad t.v. like survivor, or the office.

my kids are not all immunized. mostly because i don't want to get them, and sort of because i don't believe in taking them to the dr. when they are healthy.

i let my kids kiss the dog. and feed her table scraps.

add yours


Amy said...

cold cereal serves as dinner sometimes. I don't do hot breakfast. I let my kids help plan the dinner menu, which means I get chicken nuggets and fries at least once a week.

Laurel said...

I make my kids eat every last piece of food on their plates. I don't like playing with my kids-it's a huge effort each day. I let my kids eat food off the floor. sometimes a couple days old. I don't allow my kids to watch tv. ever. I let my kids walk around with diapers sagging on the floor cause they're so expensive. I'm all about natural consequences. d wants to try some hot sauce? go ahead. Bribery is how I survive in public, though I prefer to call it persuasion. :) And I don't take my kids to the doctor either. Why waste a copay for them to tell me it's a virus? mother's intuition is much more efficient.