Monday, March 02, 2009


if you are mormon, you know the rhyme

"saturday is the day you get ready for sunday"...or something like that. i'm not a good mormon.

well, i think i want to add another one

"monday is the day you start planning for friday"

it just so happens that the weekend is about 4 days too short. how on earth am i supposed to get all i should get done, in 2 measly days? especially when one of those days is devoted to NOT doing work? it's like a little paradox of time/work/chores. the day of rest defiantly is not a restful day, yet, it seems it has nothing to show for it, besides trashing the house. yet again the laundry is smelling, the dog needs fed, the dishes have piled up, and the baby is running wild. (he always runs wild, so it's not just a monday thing). the floors are sticky, the carpets need freshening, and the baby just dumped a cup of water all over (he was chasing the dog). the boys rooms' are full of wrappers, the bathrooms need wiped down (with a hose) and the beds need changing. the walls have hand prints, finger prints and paw prints. and the lights are dusty.

only 4 more days 'till friday.


Laurel said...

lol. story of my LIFE!

sweetpea said...

one big fat amen to this!! mondays are the hardest day at our house, because we're catching up from the weekend (and a day of rest)!

Angela said...

ha ha. no kidding.