Friday, March 13, 2009

the un eaten, half eaten cookie

it sits there on the pantry shelf
looking at me

some little hands found it
2 bites were taken
the cookie was then rejected

they put it back on the shelf
not in the box
but sitting alone
cold and naked on the pantry shelf

waiting for me

do i want that cookie?
should i give in to the guilt of leaving a cookie
sitting alone on the shelf?


i shall eat the cookie
it's better to not waste
when there are starving people in africa
when there is famine across the world
it's like my own little food storage
sitting alone
on the shelf
nobody else wants it
they left it there
because someone took 2 bites

and also
it's a girl scout cookie
and they only come once a year


Laurel said...

I had an entire box worth sitting on the shelf calling to me. I must have felt pretty guilty cause I ate the whole thing.

Sherline said...
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The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

you did right by the cookie, no cookie should be unwanted. it's in a better place and you are a hero. *tear slides down face*