Tuesday, May 26, 2009

big d was awesome this last christmas. he got me this big mixer. mostly because i've been begging for one for years. i promised i would make home made bread again. i had sort of fallen off the wagon a couple of years ago, due to the fact i didn't have a mixer, so if he got me one, i'd totally be game.

so after christmas, weekly bread making ensued. and it was good. and it felt nice. like a good nice thing that you do when you are a stay at home mom (whatever that means) and you have all this time on your hands, right?

then i realized something. nobody eats bread anymore. well, they do, when it's hot out of the oven, it's a crazy dash. and i won't say that i don't push my kids over to get the warm crusty yummy bread. cuz i do. but that was it. nobody ate sandwiches, or toast. mostly, i would end up throwing moldy un-eaten loaves away.

it's a sad state when you throw away something that you put a lot of love into. and flour, and sugar and yeast, and all that. my kids just aren't bread eaters anymore. nobody really wants a pb&j sammy. or if they do, they want it on a left over bun.

it's sad in a way. and good, because honestly, i really don't have the time every week to make bread. i'm drowning in laundry, and dished and messy house. but i love the feeling of creating something yummy and warm and good for my kids. i love pulling out a fresh loaf and watching the craziness ensue.

so i guess that is the question, what to do? make my life a little easier, or keep up the bread making? probably, i'm gonna just keep on making the bread.


big-d said...

i still eat pb&j sammy's...

if the kids aren't eating it, i'll take it to work!

Laurel said...

mmmm...nothing like homemade bread.

Anonymous said...

Homemade bread freezes beautifully. Put a loaf in the microwave for 99 seconds when you're ready to use it. It's almost as good as freshly-baked bread.