Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day

for mother's day, my dearest son harry gave me a card/booklet that he made at school. it had some questions about me, and harry answered them. some examples...

why is your mom special : she is my mom and she has a talent for cooking and cleaning.

i like it when my mom: helps me with homework, and when she cooks me dinner and lunch.

my mom can do many things! i think she is best at: making me happy.

my mom has a pretty smile! i like to make her smile by: giving her gifts like this card.

my mom is as pretty as: a precious diamond.

my mom is smart, she even knows: how the earth turns

i'd like to tell me mom: how well she cooks

ways we are alike:
we both worry, we like pizza

ways we are different:
she likes to run, i don't. she is mostly funny, i am more serious some times.

then there was this story...
me and my mom watched a roadshow that my mom and dad put together. it was very funny. a lot of people thought it was very funny. the judges gave my momma third place music and dance award, and out of 7 roadshows, she got 3rd place most entertaining show. so she did a great job.

and then there was the stuff he promised to do today...

do the dishwasher
get ready when you tell me
drink all the milk out of my cereal
not yell
and as hard as i can, not tease my brother.

and then there was the creative writing page
O-oh wow
H-home helper

and last but not least there was a certificate of being the greatest mom

here's why: she cooks excellent meals, she helps me with homework, plans cool stuff for the hollidays, and best of all she loves me.

awe, that melts the heart, doesn't it?


Katie said...

I love seeing you through your son's eyes. how cute. I like the sames and differents the best. You both worry and like pizza and that you are funny and he is more serious. it would be pretty hard not to be more serious than you. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

Laurel said...

That is so sweet. It sounds like you have some rockin' cooking skills. :)

big d said...

quickest way to a man's (boy's) heart is through his stomach!

that is one funny kid!

you do rock though! hope you had a good mothers' day, and that your boys (all 4 of us) continue to treat you as well as you deserve, long after the holiday is over.

Megan said...

How stinkin cute is that? It sounds like I need you to cook for me. I love that he was going to try hard not to tease. How'd he do?

The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

awwww, so cute! all I got was lizard poop from my kids. you lucked out. happy mother's day even though i'm late.

SHUI said...

That is way fun. I can't believe how fast your boys are growing up!! He obviously likes your cooking. If I ever have kids that comment won't be on their questionaire!