Saturday, May 02, 2009

leave a message, after the beep

we are out, we have been for a while. and since we have been away, our house has fallen prey to mischevious little elves who have dirtied it from high to low. and eaten all the food. and we are tired from wrangling kids for the roadshow. so i'm not gonna be around. because i'm tired. and i need to clean up the mess, maybe mow the lawn, and maybe take a nap. yes, it's been a really,really long week.

but i won't leave you without this little gem. harry took this today and i love it. because it looks cool.

but you can leave a message and i'll be back posting...soon...?

1 comment:

Katie said...

roadshow huh? are you implementing your whs drama club skills? happy cleaning and catching up!! and cool picture of spiderman. maybe he could help you get things done. i hear he's "super" good at stuff.