Tuesday, May 12, 2009

curse you h1n1 !

a couple of weeks ago, i received a letter in the mail, from the school district. you know the story, about the whole flu thing. then i got an email. and then i got one of those recorded phone calls.

it was pretty obvious what they wanted, or in fact, didn't want to come to school. sick kids. or kids with any kind of sick. or the appearance of sick. or have recently been sick. or who might could almost be sick. or who have traveled anywhere including, but not limited to, the local wal-mart.

all that was fine, because we were off track. now we are on track, so guess what?

taco woke up today coughing. normally (and i'm totally admitting my bad parenting) i would have drugged him up, or sent a note saying it was allergies. it still might be. but he has a sore throat, and he sounds funny, like he's lost half his voice. so i kept him home.

have i mentioned that crazy race i'm training for?
have i mentioned how beautiful it is right now, this morning, when i would be running 8 miles?
have i mentioned how big d just thought i should leave my almost six year old home alone?
have i mentioned it is supposed to get cold and windy about the time big d will get home from work?
have i mentioned, when big d gets home from work is when i'm gonna have to get my run in.
have i mentioned it is 8 miles.

i mean, i love my kids. i don't really believe in the whole swine flu crap. yet here i am with a moderately moist kindergartner, who is not in kindergarten, but who is now running wild through the house coughing and playing and thinking he is pretty darn cool for not going to school today.

curse you h1n1.

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Angela said...

what race are you training for? exciting! and good luck with your run