Friday, May 22, 2009

random thoughts

1. it's tradition for harry to do the whole "live long and prosper" thing to me as he exits the van, on his way into school. no, it's not a joke, and yes, he's been doing it for a really long time. and i do it back. mostly with a sigh, because i'm so cool. today i realized that my son, although he may be a geek, doesn't give a care to what anyone else thinks about him. and i think that is cool.

2. orange ice cream. home made orange ice cream on memorial day. i'm so looking forward to it. just because my mom makes it with love (and probably a little bit of frustration).

3. wishing i had as much energy on friday, as i do on monday. being all rested up for the weekend, instead of rested up because of the weekend.

4. we still have about 6 more weeks of school left. so even though everyone else is ready for summer break, we still have plenty of learning left. why on earth do i live here? i say that a couple of times a week.

5. guitar hero world tour is awesome for any budding rock star. including chilli. he rocks as drums. mostly because you can stick it on beginner. waiting for him to grow up is hard work.

6. i wonder if fussy is spoiled, or if he is just mean, rotten, demanding, unreasonable, and spirited. or is being 2 a good excuse for beating up his big brothers.

7. it's really gross how chickens eat their own eggs. kinda like the placenta in my freezer. i was gonna plant it under a tree. but it's still sitting there. if the power goes out for an extended amount of time, that is gonna be really gross. maybe i should get rid of it? probably.

8. i hate yard work. like really hate it. it's like running, but not going anywhere. okay, mostly mowing the lawn is like that. but i don't like it. and weeds. why do weeds grow so fast, but other things don't?

9. my parents are the coolest people ever. and not just because they give away good furniture, but because they buy a lot of furniture and give away a lot. and occasionally, i get some of it. and that is just awesome. like my new front room. even though the sofa is a bit big, it's still cool.

10. i spend way too much money at the health food store buying junk food. like candy and trail mix and stuff like that. it's so contradictory. but we love our healthy junk i guess. and the kid shopping carts. it's like a favorite destination shopping. like sam's club on sampleday.


Trisha said...

I think harry is cool too. And you should call me, cause I always loose your number because I want you too. Love you! or i could just find that number.
or email
or a vulcan mind meld
did you see the movie yet?
I was thinking of you.
miss you
love you

Kelsey-boo said...

since when did you guys get world tour? it's been awhile since we talked.

Katie said...

i love that harry does the live long and prosper and doesn't care. you were always one who was original and were cool cause you didn't care and people loved that. so, harry must take after his mom.
and i can't believe you have your placenta in the freezer!! were you planning on eating it? wacky.