Wednesday, July 01, 2009

another dilema

if you couldn't guess, we've watched a lot of star trek in the last couple of weeks. big d and my sister are plotting against me. she works for the library and puts us on hold for all the original series (TOS for you trekkers) dvd's. big d picks them up from the library and puts them into his itunes. which i am sure is illegal, but it's star trek right? ( i guess you could argue that he does own them by paying taxes to the library, but we won't go into that)

while we have been watching, i've even gotten into it a little bit. i must admit that it is terrible acting, and even somewhat silly. but it's star trek, which means you get sucked into the story. you end up wasting half an hour watching. the boys are ga ga over it, even fussy will demand now to "watch spock" which is both disturbing and hilarious at the same time.

school starts in just over 2 weeks. i know that sounds silly when we haven't even got out yet, but since i will have another "lunch at school" kid, i've been looking at lunchboxes. and, i'm sure you've guessed it, both are demanding a star trek lunch box.

now i can look at this in a couple different lights:

1. they probably won't ever lose their lunch box. no other kid in school is going to want to steal it. and everybody is going to know who's lunch box has kirk and spock on the front.

2. they are both going to be teased mercilessly

3. star trek just might be cool. or at least different enough that it could become cool. i'm not sure, but i think geeky has started to be more in style. maybe i'm just delusional from watching too much bad 60's t.v.

4. big d might be too jealous for them to actually take the lunch box to school, and demand one himself. if that is the case, i'm gonna be a whole lot poorer trying to find 3 of the silly things.

so the dilemma is, do i get them a couple of really great lunchboxes, have happy kids who might be bullied by their dad or the kids at school, but run less of a chance of losing their lunchbox.....or do i buy some other kind of random box that is totally bland and boring?

i like the idea of my kids being able to express themselves, and i'm really happy about the fact that they aren't into lame thing ( i know, this is totally subjective) like disney stuff, or hsm, or other weird crap like pokemon. i guess because i've grown fond of spock and kirk, maybe i should let my kids have lunch with them everyday.


Tantalum said...

Random box that is bland and boring? NO WAY! They need the Spock Box!

The real dilemma here sounds like it is Big D's. The Doc Ock hanging in my office can attest to my temptation to take over the boys' geek toys.

big d said...

i don't need a lunchbox, but i sure want that lunchbox!

Laurel said...

get the lunchbox...

One Crazy Family said...

Get them the box, you are only a kid for a little while, let them have fun before they move on to much more disturbing stuff like World of Warcraft or weird and very disturbing video games. Oh and pokemon is cool and somewhat out of style as well.