Tuesday, July 28, 2009

july...in pictures.

the last day of school. better known as the last day under the reign of the terrible witch. see the happiness in his eyes???

on the other hand, this poor kid is going to miss his "favorite teacher in the whole world". and that is saying something since it was his kindy teacher.
i'm gonna miss her too, because honestly, she is awesome.

big d's birthday. i think he is 48 or something. i made him an awesome star trek cake. with fondant. because i am THAT cool.

here we have a series of photos taken up at "the condo". probably my favorite place in the world.

fuss driving a crane, a natural born crane driver

harry, taking a hike up the crane. i wasn't there for this one, but it does give me squirmy insides.

the pool. i mean THE POOL. the place where my boys want to be 99% of the time.

fuss, actually enjoying the water

harry is a crazy pool boy. i'm glad he is holding his nose though.

me, sackin' out with my middle, ignored child.

the wild flowers were awesome. so we picked all of them to make sure that nobody else would.

one of the hikes where fussy couldn't fuss anymore. he crashed hard. and by crash, i mean sleep. he is not dead in this picture, although he looks that way.

a more artistic shot of the deadness of the fussmeister

a self photo from my crazy 9 year old. he is so much like me, it's scary.

chilli and me on the trail. you wouldn't believe how much that kid talks.

again, at the crane. fussy still dead.

me, peeing my pants trying to be fun.

this time i witness with my own eyes. i see only broken bones and fractured heads. good thing neither happened.

the angry look? probably from me saying "please get down before you fall!"

i'm still concerned, although i look so carefree and awesome.


grandmaj said...

I love the pictures, I would have been nervous with Harrison climbing that crane. Fussy looked like he had fun in the pool.

Sherline said...

I love that place. Wish we were close enough to go up and enjoy it more. The hiking up there is sure different from our hiking down here in the desert. I miss that.

big-d said...

48?! seriously... 48!?!