Wednesday, July 15, 2009

did you notice

my harry potter countdown ticker is totally wrong. shame on me. or shame on the "the leaky cauldron" from where i got the thing.

i've been looking forward to this movie for year. when they changed the date from november, i cried. well , maybe i didn't cry, but i was mad. and now it's here. i didn't think it ever would come. kinda like when you are 12 and you think about graduating from high school. it's just not possible.

so yeah, please excuse the wrongness. it's not my fault. or it is because it's still there. i'll take it down after i see the movie and then come here to complain about it.

or post pictures of my kids all dressed up. not me, i don't dress up for things, cuz that is what geeky nerds do, and i'm totally not like that at all.


big d said...

you look hawt in your star trek shirt!

Angela said...

i can just picture your kids all dressed up and ready to go see harry! you must post pictures :o)

The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

yeah you wouldn't ever do that. LOL