Wednesday, July 15, 2009

why does the price of diapers stay the same, even when you move up a size, and the package is smaller, and the number of diapers included is smaller? is that just the incentive you need to potty train? as if dealing with 2.5 year old poopy isn't enough, it's like pouring lemon juice on a fresh paper cut.

yes, my child is getting old and could be potty training, but instead of being sympathetic to the mom who's child is making more poop now than he did when he was newborn; diaper manufacturers seem to want to bleed me for every dollar i've got.

if fussy hadn't grown out of his cloth diapers, i guess i wouldn't be in this predicament. or if i weren't so lazy. either way.

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Laurel said...

I hate diapers. And I hate poop even more. Good luck with that. I'm not looking forward to pt #2.