Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i took fussy for a run today. it's getting to be the time of year when you have more bad days, more cold weather days. it's a treat when you can get outside for a run. i don't want to miss any opportunity to get outside.

i peeked out the window before we left, and i noticed that the trees were swaying. it didn't look too bad, so we went anyway.

i realized my mistake about 2 miles in. the wind was fierce. fussy had a blanket wrapped around him, and a blanket over the jogger. he was fine, the wind was just a minor thing for him. he was snuggled down watching a movie on my ipod. me, on the other hand, was pushing the jogger, decked out in blankets, into the wind. i had the dog leashed up to the jogger, but she was struggling like i was. it was just like an intense uphill run. my lungs and legs were burning, and i'm sure i was doing close to a 12 minute mile.

i couldn't wait to turn around and point the jogger the direction the wind was blowing, so that i could have a break, so i could breath. so i could feel my legs, and finish the run going a 6 minute mile.

as i was struggling with the jogger, pushing with all my might, trying not to trip, i thought that this is how life is exactly. we know we should be pointed the right way. we know we should be doing the things we are supposed to. we know what God wants from us, to be good people. it's when we think we know better, and we go against Him, that we understand how hard it really is. we get too tired, we don't understand that turning around, and doing what He wants us to, makes it so much easier.

it's like looking out the window and not recognizing the wind. you can see the effects of it, with the tree's moving and the birds being thrown off course, but until you get out into, you don't realize how really strong it is. such is life. the world can blow us way off course.

i finished my run about 10 minutes longer than the same distance usually takes. if only i had turned around earlier, i could have achieved my goal so much quicker. and i was exhausted when i got home. i felt as if i had run 10 miles, instead of the 7 i actually ran.


big-d said...

that's deep.

i love how you use something simple like running to explain or illuminate something much deeper.

fun visual too! i can totally see him snuggled up in his moving tent enjoying snacks and a movie.

Grandpa & Grandma said...

What a cool analogy! That is totally what life and its challenges are like. Thanks for sharing it.

Lisa Curtis said...

Was this the run that I called you on? :)