Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bloggin about the weekend

friday, big d came home early. i decided it was beautiful weather and went for a run. with my dog. we went not very far when a big german shepard came out of nowhere and attacked my dog. poor lil' lexi. i was distraught. after kicking and screaming, and getting the dogs separated, we came home. i cried, lexi shook. she hid. she bled a lot. she had quite the puncture wound. we watched her close friday night. she was breathing hard, even sleeping. it was scary. i never realized how much i love that stupid dog.

saturday, we did chores. we watched lexi get better. i went for a nice run. harry and i went to an usborn party where we spent more money than we should have, but hopefully got some good books for christmas. we then went on a hike, where the boys wore us out. we had a lot of fun exploring, even if fussy screamed to walk, and chili didn't' want to go because he didn't want his feet to hurt. we had a late dinner and watched a movie after. we were up with chili who had a stomach ache, and harry who had a sore throat. we stayed up too late, and we were already tired.

sunday, we spent the day being sick. with a snotty nosed fussy, and a sore throat harry and a stomach ache chili, we decided to stay home from church. we watched that mini series "john adams", and were quite lazy. we found out that our chickens were moulting. it was crazy, the coop is full of feathers.

sunday night, we had the same stomach pain from chili, sore throat from harry. only big d and i were also feeling cruddy.

that lead to monday where we stayed home from school and were lazy again. only about half way through the day i wish i had sent the boys to school. because they felt better and were crazy. big d took chili to the wood store and they started on a project for halloween.

so even though we had a long weekend, with monday off, we were still home sick. it was nice today when i got them off to school. and it was quiet. i think we are all still fighting a bug, but at least we can function now.


The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

omg poor puppy!!!!! Thats sooooo scarry!!! hope you all feel better. :(

big-d said...

dog attack was scary, hike was awesome, sick sux, halloween decor coming along nicely! will need to post pix when done.

The Tifa said...

aww poor lexi... i hope she is okay. and i hope you all get better soon too!!

Grandpa & Grandma said...

Lexi looks like Snoopy lying there. Big dogs can be really mean. So can the "sickness bugs". Glad y'all are feeling better. And I loved the pix of the beautiful Autumn leaves!!! I really miss those.

Lisa Curtis said...

I love the skeleton shirt!! Where did you get it?!