Wednesday, October 14, 2009

guess the child

mom: "look at the parachuters!"
child: "yeah, a plane must have blown up!"

child:"i wish you two would stop swearing"
under his breath "but i know it's never going to happen"

child: "mom, i'm not a big red clifford dog"
mom "uh, okay"


The Tifa said...

Haha that is so cute!

okay here's my guess:
1. chilli
2. harry
3. fussy

did i get it right?

Meemer said...

of course you did. not too hard if you know the kids... right?

Laurel said...

You didn't give me a chance to guess! I'm still laughing about Harry's comment. lol

One Crazy Family said...

It is twelve minutes past Monday morning is still my favorite.

I love your boys they are the best.

Trisha said...

crap. i waited to long to post my guesses. although i was right. i was. you'll have to have another post like this sometime!