Thursday, October 08, 2009

where did it go?

the time that is.

i pulled out the 3T clothes for fussy last night. i rummaged and found so many favorites from harry and chilli. i started picturing pictures of harry wearing the same clothes. clothes that he wore when his baby brother was born. i realized fussy is the same age harry was when chilli was born. and close to the age chilli was when he was born.

fussy still seems so much like a baby to me. maybe that is why he is so spoiled. i mean, he is my baby, and he always will be. it just feels like the time is going way to fast. like someone left my life on fast forward and i can't get it to pause.

sometimes i do have a hard time with the certain stages of childhood. i rather someone else potty train my kid for me, or wean him, or get through the terrible two's. but still, i know i need to hold still and appreciate this time more than i do. when you are in the throws of it, it is hard to appreciate the kid screaming about the dog eating his food when he fed it to the dog. or the endless nights of waking up. cleaning up the bathroom after an accident. holding a fevered child, figuring out why the vacuum doesn't work anymore, or cleaning up the endless piles of sand on the carpet. i guess i should look at it this way, no other time in my life will i have so much to complain about. i should enjoy it while i can.

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Angela said...

They say time maybe it flew away to someplace we can't go. Life does feel like it's on fast forward a lot.