Thursday, October 29, 2009

fussy's nightmare

we woke up the other night, in the middle of the night, to a bloodcurdling scream. now, it probably was scarier for big d, who was face to face with fussy, seeing it was fussy who screamed. i had never heard my child, or any child, scream so loud, so scared, or for so long. it took a good minute to calm him down. he spent the next hour shaking and burrowing under the covers of my bed. i tried to find out what was wrong, the only thing i got out of him was something about daddy's head.

i don't know if it is right or not, but i like to find out what my kids nightmares were about. so the next day, fussy and i were talking about what he had dreamed about. it went something like this:

"did you have a scary dream last night?"


"what did you dream about"

"daddy's head"

"was daddy's head not on his body?"

"nope, it was off"

"how did that happen?"

"i cut it off, like this" (sliding his hand across his throat)

should i be concerned about this? i mean, my child is dreaming of cutting off his fathers head! i'm hoping it's just a bit of halloween gore that is giving my kid nightmares. i must say the screaming freaked us out, but hearing the details of the dream kinda freaked me out more. it probably unsettles big d much more.


big d said...

i'm putting all the knives up high.

in a locked cupboard!

Trisha said...

that poor little guy. mia told me, the other night, she had a dream about someone scooping her brain out of her nose with a real long spoon. i think it's too much spongebob squarepants! She's really too young for that, but he's SO FUNNY. Okay, maybe not that funny, now that I retell her creepy dream. poor little guy! i hope he quickly forgets that awful dream!