Sunday, May 07, 2006

Banana rama

I bake on Sunday. I know, a day of rest, but today, baking is restful. So I made cookies for our neighbors to thank them for the ballet tickets (sorry, I haven't blogged that yet, check out big d's, he might have had time) so looking at the ripening bananas on the counter, I figured I ought to make some banana bread. The funny thing about me, is that I see baking as a challenge. I'm not half bad, if I stick to the recipe and pay attention to the time and oven temperature.

So I crack open the Fanny farmer, and take a close look a the banana list. Only to find a recipe for banana cake. Fond memories of serving banana cake to Harry on his 1st birthday...(banana cake would be so much more healthy..yada yada yada)

So I decide that I will attempt to make banana cake. With whole wheat flour. And I've mysteriously run out of white sugar, so I'll just substitute brown sugar. And I'm making a banana custard to put in the middle. Yum, sounds good huh?

Long story short. The boys enjoyed it. I slathered enough whipping cream over the top to please even my pickiest of cake eaters. Visually it wasn't much to behold. It sort of looked like someone got sick all over a nice respectable brownish thing. However it was banana. If I'm going to consume cake, let it be chocolate. Big d thought it was okay... From scratch!! With honest to goodness banana custard ( I had a lot of ripening bananas) from scratch! I think he likes the idea that if we can never afford the finer things in life, like boxed cake mixes, at least I will be able to provide him with sugary pastries. However, I have to admit that bananas aren't my favorite. I mean I like them if I need to eat some kind of fruit. I'm not repulsed by the flavor or texture. I enjoy them, I do. Banana bread is okay, but not for dessert, and that is what I thought I was eating, a big ol slice of slightly dry banana bread with chunky banana pudding on top and in the middle.

I don't really care for banana cake. So in Marie Antoinette's famous words..."let them eat cake". Maybe she just didn't like dry chunky banana cake either.


Rachelle said...

I've never tried banana cake. But give me chocolate any day!

big d said...

and i thought this post was going to be about our 3 hour session on the itunes music store in the middle of the night to listen to 80's music!