Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

To all the mother's out there, and to all the women who wish to be a mother. To all the little girls who carry their dolls around. To all the young women who babysit. To the sisters, aunts, cousins, friends who have held a sleeping child. And to all the women who have held on to someone else's.

To the mother who watches the street and yells at the drivers speeding in her neighborhood, to the moms who hold their baby's hands as they cross the street, or take a test. To the women who heal the scrapes and falls, to the mom who mends broken hearts. To the high fevers, and upset tummies. To the nightmares. To the dog bites and dust bunnies. To those who have lost a child, and to those who have found one, covered in mud, or worse. To those who have seen the last breath, to those who have just fallen in love again with the toothless grins.

To the mothers of every nation and world. We all want the same thing, for our babies to grow up, and grow old. No matter our religion, or our nationality, we are all equal by the bonds of motherhood. This is for you moms who don't have a minute to spare, or time to think. Moms who spend every waking moment caring for a child with special needs, or moms who spend every moment praying for two lines.

And lastly, to my own mother, who taught me the value of life, and love. She taught me about faith, God, and respect. She who comforted me when the world told me no, or that I wasn't good enough. She who attended every event, every show, and every dance. My mom, who taught me to go for my dreams. She taught me to know what I want, and not accept anything but the best.

So thanks Mom. You teach me about motherhood everyday, and everyday I am grateful for you. I am grateful for your selfless example, your honesty and integrity. And for your unconditional love.


big d said...

and i'm incredibly grateful for you. you are the best, and i love you!

Rachelle said...

What a great post. I love it. And I love motherhood.

Stacy said...

Well said! I think we all owe a LOT to the mothers of the world!