Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Chilly!

Three years ago today I held you in my arms for the first time. Three years ago today. Well yesterday, um, okay 1:20 am.

It all started while we were watching "the Natural". (Baseball, seems to be the running theme with me and going into labor) I was having on and off contractions for several days (either I wasn't ready, or you weren't) so I really didn't think anything of it. We put big brother to bed, and realized that this was IT.

So we filled up the big huge garden tub, and I took a soak. The contractions kept on coming, in fact they were getting stronger. I was getting excited, so was big D. He called Chris, she said she would be right over. She came, and checked, and sat, and almost fell asleep. I was totally in my groove, so to say. If birthing can ever be called groovy. WE called grandparents, they came, they sat, and most fell asleep. I sat on my big bed and waited. I breathed through the contractions one by one. Grandma held my hand, and you did backflips in my belly. Everyone watched in amazement, as it really seemed you were going to kick yourself out. You were flipping around so much that it was hard to keep my focus, without laughing.

Chris kept close tabs on your heartrate, and how well I felt. She mentioned that the contracts were feeling pushy, and that I should push with a couple to see what happened. I did, it hurt. Something was wrong, I wasn't ready yet. Chris checked, no you are ready, lets break your water, and that baby will be right out. So she again acquainted me with the orange peeler, and out gushed gallons of amniotic fluid. All over my bed. Surprise, Chris has been a midwife for 30+ years and knows how to contain it. Magical absorbent sheets caught it all.

Get Harry. Big D holds him so he can watch. Try pushing again. Okay. It hurts, something is wrong. Then Chris does the unimaginable, well up to this point it was to me. She crams her hand up there and "adjusts". I guess half my cervix wasn't really paying attention to all the commotion. It was content to just stay it's hard ol' self. So Chris dilated it for me. Sweetheart. That was the most painful part of your birth. She told me to push, I told her to get her freaking hand out of me. She told me to push again, I think I grunted at her, but I did it, and moments later, your head popped out. I reached down and touched my transworldly child. More contractions, I grasped down at you, and found your shoulders and pulled you out. You fell into place on my chest. Sweet birth. I cried, grandma's cried, I think Chris even got a little teary.

You were so fat and plump and sweet and juicy. Nine pounds and 11 ounces. Holy CRAP. And another boy. A little brother for Harry. Two Boys! ACKK, what am I going to do? Then you cried a little, I nursed you, and you were quite the pro. We bathed, grandma dressed you, Chris swaddled you, and you slept. We all slept, we all crawled into bed. Chris said goodnight, and we all fell into a magical warm sleep that lasted for over 6 hours. You haven't slept that long through the night ever since.

So happy Birthday Chilly. You made me a mom again. You make me laugh when you play with water. You make me happy when you sleep. I can't believe you have only been with us 3 years. Your spirited nature, your wise looks. You complete me in lots of ways. So very different from your big brother, and so special. I love you sweetheart.


big d said...

amen. what a wonderful experience. what a wonderful boy. how fitting that we both blog about him and his birth! thank you for that wonderful experience! you truly are amazing!

Pamela said...

I love birth stories!!!

scraphappymama said...

Love the post and Man, I think you are amazing!! I think I'll stick with the epidural ~ I know a little bit of cheating:) The pics are great too!!

Stacy said...

Oh my sweet little nephew!

Thanks for retelling your birth story! I love to hear them... especially ones so close to my heart!

Stephanie said...

I was blog-hopping (how boring of me on a Saturday night) and I found your blog...love it! Happy birthday to your little one.