Wednesday, May 03, 2006


My peas that I planted a couple of weeks ago are peeking above the soil, and the weeds are doing their best to keep up. The chickens are snuggling warmly in the coop, and the boys are engaged in working at the desks, making some more books. Harry has been working on making books all week, and so far he has made 4. His imagination and determination are incredible, as are his phonetically spelled words, my favorite being kowbooy.

So, as the rain is falling, and the windows are closed, the air is quiet. All I hear is the chatter of little voices and the coloring they are doing, or the stapler they are using. The furnace has kicked on again, we are all feeling the comfortable sleepiness of a spring day indoors. What magic and what joy to know that the only thing we need to do, is to stay inside and cuddle. Too bad my boys don't feel the same way. They will adventure out to the back yard, get muddy and wet, lost in some dinosaur adventure, and be back for a warm bath and some serious snuggle time. I hate winter for being cooped up in the house for months on end, but spring is magical. You get to take a breather from the endless movies and indoor activities, but yet, you still have the rainy days when being inside together is all the adventure you need.

So I salute you spring weather, and ask you to keep it up. Lets have those warm days when we can ride bikes, run wild outdoors, walk around the neighborhood. Days when we can loose our white winter pallor to the sun. Those wonderful days when the weather isn't too hot yet to spend the day gardening, or lounging in the sun. Complimented nicely by a rainy day here and there, watering the garden. But be warned spring, your day is almost at an end! Summer is inching around the corner.


big d said...

spring rules!!!

Stacy said...

Spring is my favorite of the seasons. Other than the unpredictable weather... I'd take it year-round!

Rachelle said...

I love spring!

Pamela said...

Thats cool you have chickens!!