Wednesday, May 10, 2006

These hands were made for...

In high school, we had one of those regular substitute teachers. She sub'd all kinds of classes. She was one of those really nice ladies that teenagers took advantage of. To see her in your class meant that nothing would be accomplished due to the loudmouth jocks that never did anything constructive (I'm not bitter..) So this sub was very interesting. She was alsoa fortune teller. She could read palms. Now I'm not a believer in any way of fortune telling, not much anyway, but I found this woman to be quite curious and entertaining.

All the girls would line up, and she would tell you how many kids you were going to have, if you were going to have a long life, lots of tragedy, that sort of thing. The boys would sit back and laugh and makes jokes (rudely) about the girls, and our fascinations with husbands, babies and so forth. I don't remember anything that she predicted about me, but I do remember that she commented on the lack of a lot of lines in my palms. I thought that was a weird comment, but I guess I didn't have a lot of lines telling about babies and junk.

So I am in the bathroom the other day, doing my business, and I looked at my hands. I was looking at my palms, not really paying attention, just gazing I guess. I noticed that my hands were well lined, like almost as if someone had crinkled up a Reynolds wrap all over my skin. I got to thinking about this substitute and what she would think about my wrinkly palms now.

So it looks as if life has caught up to me. My hands have worked pretty hard these last 10 years, birthing babies, feeding them, washing them, and doing all manner of housework, working outside of the home, gardening, traveling, yard work, feeling fevers, rubbing bellies, changing diapers....

I'm wondering, what does it really tell? Do you think that looking at ones palms tells where they are going, or where they have been? Of course, maybe mine were all wrinkly because I had just got out of the shower.

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