Wednesday, May 07, 2008

2 things

1) baseball season has started. i wonder why they take the names from the current major league for the names of the kids' teams. in soccer, they let the kids make up their own names, but in baseball, you kind of are at the mercy of whoever your coach chooses.

i was running late to get chilly to his game, and was wandering around the itty bitty fields, asking who was the coach to all the different teams. as soon as i saw the team on the shirt, i knew that was the team my kid was going to be on. yup. chilly is a red sox. have i ever mentioned how big of yankee fan's we are? that comes from living in new york in 1998. best season ever.

so, my kid gets the uniform. a t-shirt emblazoned with those words "red sox" and a hat with a big b for boston.

2)chilly decided that today, he was going to wear his baseball shirt and hat to preschool. i told him no. i didn't want him to get his shirt dirty for his game tomorrow. nor did i want him to loose his hat. i explained that to him. we went to school. all was fine.

i picked him up from school, and what is he wearing? his red sox shirt. he totally sneaked out of the house wearing it under his other shirt. he gets in the van and we head home and i ask him if he also sneaked out his hat. which he immediately tells me he forgot at school. i told him too bad, that i wasn't going back. he gets to live with that consequence, and miss his hat for his game tomorrow.

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