Sunday, May 11, 2008

mothers' day

i've been racking my brain trying to figure out what to post about on mother's day. something sweet about how much fun, or rewarding, being a mother is. how much i appreciate my own mother. and every other woman who has thus inspired me in my own job as mommy...

but the time got away from me. saturday night was suddenly on me, and i didn't have time to take to write down my thoughts. instead, i was making sure the laundry got put away. that the boys were bathed. that the baby had clean diapers, and that we had the food for sunday.

sunday morning came, and i thought i could spend a few minutes to blog. but i ended up finding shoes for my almost 8 year old. i also took the time to snuggle with my baby. then i had to talk to my older boys about innapropriate behavior, which led to a discussion on lots of other things. then it was a mad rush to get of the door to church.

then while at church, fussy puked all over himself, and all over me. and i though "this is perfect on mother's day". so came home to change him. he figured out he was tired, and fell asleep in my arms.

and now that i'm here, i've totally forgot what i was going to say.

but what is a post without pictures? well, kind of boring. so here's some pictures of mothers. doing what mom's do. thank goodness for mommies!

happy mother's day!


big d said...

i'm sorry your mother's day was so ordinary, your cards were so late, and your "gift" so lame.


Rachelle said...

Happy Mother's Day anyway. I think sometimes Mother's Day shows us what being a mom is really about.

One Crazy Family said...

Happy Mothers Day to you. Thanks for putting the cute pictures on your blog.