Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tuesday, it's about the love.

i love tuesday. i really love it. and it isn't the fact that i get up with the kids, get harry ready for school. it isn't dropping him off and running crazy up to my parents house. well, not really. it isn't the 8 miles on torturous hills that i've been doing. that would be nuts. i really don't like those hills. and my parent's have some serious killer ones.

it's that i get to leave my kiddies, with grandma. for some reason, that little break on tuesday is really refreshing. i oft times feel pretty guilty. see, grandma not only has my little angel fussy, and my big crazy boy chilly, she also takes care of my niece too. the niece that is only 5 weeks younger than fussy. so it's like having twins. except they aren't used to each other. she is a serious saint for that. not that the babies are bad, or grumpy or anything. just that there are two. and i know the one keeps me going all day.

but i love the fact that i can let them off, go for a longish run, and grandma is there. grandma feeds them donuts and cookies and candy. grandma gives hugs and lets them do almost anything they want. i guess it helps me not feel so guilty. not only can i get that hilly run i need for my wb training, the kids don't get neglected, or feel like they are a burden. they love it at grandmas'.

and i love the break i get. even if i am dead tired. like i was today. my eight miles wasn't that great, but it was still worth when i got home to see my kids happy, content, and loving grandma's house.

i love tuesdays!

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Megan said...

Grandmas are so great! We're leaving our 2 with grandma all day on Saturday. Ha ha. It will be lovely.

And have I mentioned that you are my runner-hero? You are seriously amazing! There is no amount of money or candy that could make me run those hills up there. Da-ang! You are cool.