Thursday, May 01, 2008

so? what if i am a soccer mom?

i am a soccer mom. although this week is the last week of that. next week i get to be a baseball mom. baseball mom doesn't sound as good as soccer mom. but it will be more true. anyway, to prove that my kiddies play soccer, here's pictures.

chilly' team...well most of the team. obviously the picture guys didn't want to include the retake that had MORE of the team. whatever. either my kid stinks or the kid next to him is invisible. does the picture guy see that?

apparently the coach this year was once a professional soccer player. like in europe or something. that's pretty professional right? he was an awesome coach, he kept taking out my kid (which i don't mind) and putting in the kids that actually paid attention. what do you expect with a bunch of 4-5 year olds, right? anyway, i don't think we've won a game yet. i don't know if we've even scored a goal...

look at this kid. he's a ham. and not the good mia hamm kind. no, he's a regular chatty mcchat. notice the one glove on his hand? that is because it was so freaking cold. i think we've had one game about 40 degrees. yeah, spring soccer sucks.

and again, what's with these pictures. did they actually have the kids take them. can you say LAME? i'm so not impressed.

harry's team. all 4 of them. not really, he actually has a pretty decent team. in fact they have won most of their games. and harry is pretty darn good. as long as he doesn't try to drop kick/ballet the ball. he then just gets really embarrassed and won't play.

yeah, so what is up with this? well, we had pictures at 4 pm. yeah. how many kids made it? that's pretty much it. it sucks because can't they just retake the picture like AFTER the game? whatever.

oh and notice the cheery expression on my son's face. that is because he totally lost his socks and was wearing one yellow and one gray. i told them you wouldn't be able to see it. he didn't believe me and was really grumpy. totally ruined the whole dang game. what a turd.

and again, who was taking the pictures? were they blind? did you not notice that my son was pirate winking? couldn't you take another one? geesh. i'm glad i have this picture that i can save for his kids. again, he's really grumpy, but still, is that my kid? it doesn't even look like him.

i'm so over paying money for pictures. i guess i should bring my own camera next time. maybe i could sell my pictures to the other mom's who are sick of this kind of half assed picture taking.


big d said...

they're using digital cameras! it's not like they're hurting the profits by spending the 5 seconds to take another one, when you see how bad that one was! there's a screen on the back of the camera after all. i know it's small, but you can tell if the kid is smiling or not. or if his eyes are closed. lazy losers!

Megan said...

Cute kids. Bad pictures. Seriously. I agree. Your last comment made me lol. You are the best soccer mom EVER!

Goat Girl said...

Definately offer to do the picts next time.

I can't believe they were only taking one picture per shot with their digital camera. Duh.

Rachelle said...

Cute kids, bad pictures. And my word verification had 4 b's in a row. Interesting.