Tuesday, September 09, 2008

have you ever noticed?

that it is impossible to fold sheets perfectly so that they would fit in the little package that they came in?

do they have a big folding machine? if they do, i think i want one for my birthday. folding my king size sheets into somthing that actually will fit in the linen closet is stressing me out. i know, it's sheets! i keep telling myself that. most times i just take em warm out of the dryer and stick them back on my bed. but i didn't have time for the laundry, so i ended up using plan b sheets. now i'm wrestling with the folding of the a team sheets.


The black sheep said...

In all honesty, if my mom isn't around to do it, I ball them up into a wad and shove them into the linin closet, then when I put them on the bed they are wrinkled so I lay on the bed and roll around till they look ironed. LOL

Stacy said...

Angela knows how... it's not the exact same, but the fitted sheet holds the flat & pillow cases. It's pretty amazing. I'll have to learn and then I can teach you.