Wednesday, September 03, 2008

makes me happy

If you get tagged, you have to list 10 things that make you happy. What are the things that tickle your fancy, make you smile or still give you that butterfly sensation? What things do you seek out and truly enjoy? The only rule is that you can't say your kids or your's too easy.

so jungleprincess tagged me with this one.

running. this is a love hate relationship. i pretty much love it when i'm done. and i love what it makes me feel like. like the ultimate warrior or something. i can take anything your throw at me, because i can run. and not just run to the mailbox or down the street, but for miles. and miles and miles and miles. as long as there are port a potties, sports beans....

sleeping in. although thanks to running and 3 boys, i rarely get this opportunity. i am going to add naps. i love a good nap, almost as much as sleeping in. with covers though. a nap on top of the bed isn't much compared to a nap with all the fixin's.

this blog. because it makes me laugh, and laughing is close to being happy. but really, check it out.


animals. yeah, i know. i'm a true animal lover at heart. even though i complain about the dog, the gerbils, the fish, i still love having them around. and i sort of wish i had more...

fresh garden veggies. not only are they good for you, but you kind of equate them to your kids in the proudness factor. like when you boast about your son's reading level and the size of your tomatoes.

technology..."but i still, i love technology, but not as much as you, you see." where would i be without my 'puter, my cell phone, my internet, my key less entry, my camera. my computer. did i say i loved my computer yet? oh yeah, my computer.

my town. i love it here. although i loved it the last place i lived, only not the code enforcers there. they suck. but i love it here. my house, my city, my local walmart. hitting the maverick for some fro yo. yup, i could live here forever. oh, and i probably will.

being outside. as opposed to being inside. i like being outside when it's sunny, or when i'm someplace cool. like yellowstone. or hiking, or fishing, or watching my kids at the park. that kind of thing

theater. or movies. one or the other. i love them both. didn't you know i was ALMOST on broadway, or had an academy award. well, i ALMOST did, or was, or whatever.

and number 11 is my family. my parents, my inlaws, my sisters, my big crazy brother, my nieces, my nephews, my uncles my aunties. my cousins, my kids. my big d. my little family with me as the mommy and big d as the daddy and our 3 crazy and frustrating boys. yup, pure bliss!

oh, i guess i should tag someone....hmmmm, nobody ever reads my bloggy, 'cept my cuzins, maybe big d, and my sissy. and maybe my mom. so there, consider yourself tagged. play along or i'll go over to the corner and cry.


Katie said...

meemer - I just love you. so, i was so inspired a while ago by that post you did about NYC. i never realized (or maybe just forgot) that you guys lived there. that sounded so magical and you really captured how you felt. oh and I ALWAYS read seriously so blessed! That is funny that you do. Um, another thing - of COURSE you were suppose to be on broadway. All of your oozing talent. remember when you were the Giant and was the baby. And we were ugly old ladies in something too.. something about sleeping princesses. Don't you ever want to prank call mr. weekes. i do. I like NYC a lot too.

taffi said...

I read... I just suck at leaving comments. sorry. :)