Monday, September 29, 2008

top ten reason my weekend rocked

10. eating ice cream that tasted like cheesecake.
we went to coldstone creamery, and although i will probably never ever ever go there again, the ice cream that was cheese cake tasting was yummy. and it had bitty blueberries in them. it was yummy. the price tag was not.

9. going to the women's conference in salt lake with about 20 women from my ward.
including the clique that i've blogged about before. i did feel a bit of an interloper, but i was lucky and got to hang out with some really cool ladies. and one of my favorite young women.

8. hangin in a tahoe with my homies.
well, with the sisters from my ward. i think they probably know me pretty well now. seeing i never shut up. make me the center of attention, and i'll entertain you for ages.

7. the women's conference.
seriously, is Pres. Uchdorf not the most handsome of the G.A.'s? and his talk on being creative really was the highlight of my day, week, month, possibly year.... i'm not sure, but i think he was talking just to me on that one.

6. early morning run on saturday sans jogger stroller.
and it was a beautiful day. seriously.

5. sams club
huge ol' diet coke and an obscene hot dog. 'nuff said

4.seeing big d move the shed with his car
coming home from rehearsal and seeing a rope tied to my mini van, and leading to the shed. the shed was all wacky. i watched big d move it into place using physics and mere brute car power. it was awesome and scary.

3. rehearsal with my boy.
that is right, "Savior of the World"has an extra couple of crazy cast members this year. since harry turned 8, and could legally(?) be in the cast, we decided it might help his self esteem just a titch. it's really been fun re-learning all that music. and i can be extra excited about missing out on yw for the next 3 months. is that bad? oh well.

2. seeing my crazy family and the new puppy.
that puppy was stinking adorable. i want one. i really do.

1. big d made curry for sunday dinner.
it's a cold weather favorite, and although it isn't cold right now, somehow it fit. maybe it is because we all have a cold, or that we haven't had it in forever. i dunno, but it was my favorite part of my weekend. thanks sweetie.


big d said...

glad you like the curry! glad you liked watching the shed move. just happy i made your list twice!

Amy said...

that's a great top ten list!!

smart mama said...

sounds great give me one of those