Thursday, September 11, 2008

the natural history of the chicken

have you seen this documentary? if your answer is no, i want you to check your local pbs station and see when it will be broadcast. do it now. "natural history of the chicken". then use your wifty cool tivo (ours is called vcr) to record it because it will be on at some weird time. do that now.

got that?

now when you get it, and then you watch it, come back here and tell me what you think.

what you think about the lady who had a chicken as her favorite pet and would swim in a fountain naked with it. the lady who gave the frozen chicken cpr for 3 hours, and the hippy who likes his whole food.

then you will know how big d spent our evening last night. and it was good. the laughing was cathartic, and the reenactments were just plain entertaining. it was a lovely evening. it was probably the best movie we ever saw. seriously.

so get on that will ya?


The black sheep said...

Dude, I rented that a few months ago, and laughed my butt off. I love netflix! I liked the chick who gave her chicken c.p.r and the crazy one who dressed hers up. and the angry neighbors were so funny!

big d said...

best. documentary. ever!
i still don't know if the humor is intentional or not... but it's there!

One Crazy Family said...

By the way the library has the dvd if you are interested in watching it again. I have it on hold so that we can watch it.

Trisha said...

I just checked to see if the bountiful library had it and it's on hold for someone, so is the one in syracuse... word travels fast!

One Crazy Family said...

All I have to say is that you must have been really tired when you watched it. It made me cry to see all of the chicken babies stuffed in drawers and the egg farm was horrible. I did wonder if the red headed lady was sane and the the bit with the CPR was really strange. I am beginning to really worry about you.

Trisha said...

So i have to agree with "one crazy family" on their take on the show. i couldn't get past the whole baby chicks crashing down the conveyors! it was so disturbing! i did quite enjoy the opening segment about the frozen chicken. that was just a miracle!