Sunday, November 02, 2008

i've decided

i'm not taking the halloween decorations down until it is time to put up the christmas ones. mostly because i'm lazy. and mostly because my house is in major need of some new decor. but mostly mostly because i absolutly love how fussy says "ske-tun" or "pupins" and "piders". and who cares really? so my house has skeletons all over the walls and assorted pumpkins everywhere. i like halloween. and so do my kids.

and yes, eventually i will show you what they looked like in their costumes. or maybe big d will.


SHUI said...

I love it. I'm not taking mine down until Christmas either!!

The black sheep said...

shoot I never even decorated in the first place! More power to you! keep em up.

Anonymous said...

I was going to keep the few I had up on the windows but the kids declared halloween over and took them down :)

One Crazy Family said...

Be a rebel, dress the skeletons in red suits and hats and make them christmas decorations as well.

By the way the kids looked great and I loved Darrens Outfit.