Sunday, April 27, 2008


thanks april! i really love and hate these kinds of things. alright, i want you to think i hate them, just because that would be, but i really love them. yeah, because we all know i love to talk about myself. so here i go, giving you random insights into my life.

Four places I go to over and over: walmart, preschool, regular school, walmart. or the soccer field (at least for the rest of this week)
that sums up my day actually. over and over again. i feel like a revolving door some days. or a revolving mini van

Four people who email me regularly: sierra trading post, oriental trading, my in laws with their pro mccain propaganda (or would it be anti-hillary?), and uh....the library. telling me my books are in, or most likely, that they are overdue.

Four places I like to eat: my mom's is number one. sunday dinners there are the best. somewhere that doesn't have a playground. i guess the third would be any place without a kid's menu. and fourth...the pizza place in new york that we would go to. it had the best new york pizza. just a little hole in the wall kind of place with the greasiest pizza ever. but it was the best.

Four places I would like to be right now: now that i'm thinking about new york, i'd like to be there. i'd also really like to be somewhere sunny and warm. i also really love the condos up on the mountain. and last, uninterrupted dream land. 8 hours of it. that would be a change.

Four TV Shows I watch all the time: i like survivor, e.r., and the amazing race, and maybe the office if i catch it. other than that i don't watch much tv. every once in a while i get sucked into law and order, or a documentary of some sort. the other day my kids were engrossed in the antiques roadshow. that was kind of weird.

Four people I think will respond: does anybody read my blog? HA! hmmm i'm going to tag kelsey-boo, megan, my cousin, my sister-in-law. they might read my blog, but they may not. sorry big d, i already know all about you...


Anonymous said...

Tag -

I read you blog all the time.
We all do and enjoy it very much. That is why we invited you over to bbq once we saw the bird.

Kelsey-boo said...

man this means i have to write something! gr alright then.