Thursday, November 13, 2008

buyers remorse

things i have regretted purchasing this week:

*that 4 bags of the mega size candy mix. it was clearance-d out for .79, on a bag that originally cost $8. we thought it was a good idea at the time, but now, thinking more clearly, how in the heck am i going to get rid of 4 bags of tootsie rolls?

*that squeaky mouse that runs around the house. the baby loves it! he turns it on and off all during the day. sure it was clearance-d out, but i'm sure that given that dollar back, i'd rather eat it than listen to that stupid mouse.

*the huge size sam's club barrel of cheese puffs. 'nuff said

*the happy meals for 3 boys that included a stupid talking giraffe. it's really annoying. really times 3.

*rubber snakes and spider. only because i'm looking at them and wishing someone else would pick them up and put them away.


Shelah said...

we have the stupid talking zebra-- times 4.

Pamela said...

I rofl because I was eating candy I bought 75% off from Target this week.
Also I bought a happy meal yesterday and got the giraffe...I'm planning on doing a heist tonight.

beckylou said...

MMmmmmm....barrel of cheese puffs. I love me some cheese puffs.

Anonymous said...

yep we have way too much candy too. And I'm avoiding mcd's until those toys are gone. LOLq