Thursday, November 06, 2008

since big d isn't going to do it

i might as well post some pictures of our halloween. not that they are great pictures. cuz they aren't. we went trick or treating and i forgot about taking pictures before we left. ah well, next year, huh?
the oldest, supposedly captain kirk. yes i KNOW it is a uniform from the next generation. i am having my own dilemma because of that. but he was happy.

And this kid! well, he has several costumes that he regularly wears, so we had no idea he was going to be harry potter until halloween night. he did look better, i think. but with a smile like that, who cares what you look like, people will give you lots of candy.

and this one, well, this isn't actually from halloween night, but he looked the same. only instead of a stroller, i carried him the whole way. and yes, i know you can't even see that he is a skeleton. i told you before, bad pictures!

and yes, i think i'm very pissed off in the picture. and the makeup is all smudgy, and i'm tired and my feet hurt. but there ya go. you got a problem with that?

and finally, big d, who was called everything from one of our founding fathers, to isaac newton, to the guy on corpse bride? i think his costume is really young scrooge, but who's counting anyway.

so there you have it.


Laurel said...

Cool costumes! If I hadn't had a million things going on, I would have liked to dress up. But oh well. Hopefully next year.

Daijah said...

Harry Potter costume is the sweetest…. I too have seen them at Warner Brothers.

Anonymous said...

great costumes. My kids want Tim and I to dress up next year, not sure I'll have anything creative enough.

Tantalum said...

Sweet! Harry Potter and Star Trek. You can't go wrong with them. Good thing Harry went with the yellow shirt - I'd be afraid of losing him to the "red shirt" curse. Wait, that didn't happen with the next generation uniforms. See what kind of paradoxes you're causing?

SHUI said...

I like the costumes although my brothers comment flew over my head because I am not a star trek expert like you guys

The black sheep said...

nice! I see the littest one went as mary kate olsen. Or was it Nicole richie? ither eay it was awsome!