Wednesday, November 26, 2008

this conversation just happened at my house:

taco comes running up to me:
"mom, harry said he'd give me a whole dollar if i cleaned his room"

me: "oh really? a whole dollar huh? that sounds pretty good, if it wasn't so messy."

harry is sitting on the toilet reading a book, "taco, don't tell mom!"

taco: "oh...., uh....., never mind"

i don't know which is worse; that i have an enterprising son that will pay his brother money to do his chores, or the money-loving son who will do manual labor for money? either way, i think my kids are headed for greatness. maybe.


Kelsey-boo said...

lol! that's too funny. i love it.

Laurel said...

lol. my siblings do that. it really is brilliant. i only wish i would have thought of it first!!

One Crazy Family said...

I was more interested in sitting on the toilet reading a book?

Megan said...

Those are two pretty smart kids.

The black sheep said...

Shoot, I give him props for multi tasking, pooping, reading and getting his bro to clean his room all at the same time! Thats where the tallent lies!