Sunday, June 11, 2006

The drive in

We are a fun family. I promise. WE do all sorts of fun stuff all the time. Really.

So yesterday, being board from weekends past of doing what-everyone-else-has-planned, and knowing that the next weeks of summer we will be doing what-everyone-else-has-planned, we decided to do something fun, you know, just for us.

Do you remember being a youth and going to the drive in movie with your family or friends? Wasn't it fun!? So we decided that is what we were going to do. We fed the boys, bathed them, snugged them in their jammies. Big D took the back seats out of the van, inflated an air mattress. We were on the road by 7:00, with a quick stop to sugar ourselves up at the local grocery store, and off we went. The "box" office opened at 7:30. We pulled in at 7:35. The place was almost packed by then. I guess everyone had the same idea.

We finally settle on a spot. We back the van in, put the blankets down and start the wait until dark. 2 hours to go until movie time. We played some games, ate some junk. And waited. I took Harry to the porta potty (which was a new experience for him) Sunset at 9:00. No problem. The boys routinely stay up until then. Movie starts about 9:10. We watched Over the Hedge. It was okay. We went into it with low expectations, and were pleasantly surprised.

The next movie, The Davinci Code started. Boring. Harry fell asleep after the first time the albino beat himself up. Chilly, well, he kept himself awake munching on Swedish fish and popcorn until probably the heroes were in London.

So picture this. Two adults and 2 kids, squished into the back of a minivan. Laying on an air mattress on the floor. Pillows, blankets, and popcorn everywhere. Melted ice cream creamies, and empty bottles of water. I am pretty much pinned down due to the weight of my soon to be six( who has his legs thrown on top of me) and my 3 year old, who apparently mistakes mom for a pillow almost nightly. Big D is squished agains the side of the van by the soon to be six year olds upper body. He really is getting big. The boys are both asleep. Dead asleep. The movie gets over at 1:30 am, and the boys are nothing but dead weight. That is really almost 100 lbs ( at least it feels like it) of non-responsive kid. So what do two responsible parents do?

We drive them home, rolling around on the back of the air mattress. You know, it is kind of like the truck rides we had as kids. Just rolling around in the back of a pickup. Only I probably was always awake for that, and there were no seatbelt rules back then, and I think I lived in a small town where there was no traffic on the road at 1:30 am.

Irresponsible huh? Although big D still wouldn't stop at his dad's house to toilet paper him. I guess the drive-in didn't bring out too much of his irresponsible youth. Just the part that let him stay up well past our already too late bedtime, and have two unrestrained balls of kid ramming and rolling into each other.

But you know, we had fun. We bonded, I hope. And it was totally worth it when Chilly kept pretending the mustard bottle at dinner today was that cheese stuff and kept sticking it up his nose.

See, I told you we are a fun family.


big d said...

i missed him pretending the mustard was squeezy cheese. i did, of course, hear him "burp my abc's" numerous times!

Stacy said...

How fun! We have a drive-in by us... maybe we should haul our boys down there one night...

So you didn't like The Davinci Code?