Friday, June 02, 2006

The Mouse

I was sitting quietly, big d was using the downstairs bathroom, when I heard a shriek of terror from him.
"are you okay?"

He swung open the door, and yelled "MOUSE!"

apparently big d was sitting, doing his thing, when big fat rodential mouse ran under the door and scared the crap right out of him. Almost.

I ran over and looked, and sure enough, in the corner by our shoes there sat the little devil. Big and fat and quick. Looking at me. Staring at me. Darting in and out of the shoes with mouse like efficiency.

Well, my question was. Where did it come from? Quickly followed by, Why is it in my house?

We have known we have a problem with mice, but it has been in our chicken coop. We have seen them several times. freaky, yes, but for some reason, outside and seeing a mouse doesn't stop your heart, or make you climb furniture, or scream like a little girl. No seeing a mouse in the chicken coop was...Expected?

So we knew they were around, but we had no idea why one would invade our house on a warm spring eve. Much less, why would one encourage his own demise by making itself known to big d and I. Oh yes, don't be fooled by the screams, jumping up and down, and all other assorted foolish behavior we exhibit during a mouse invasion. We are HUNTERS. We will seek out and destroy. With a baseball bat if needs be.

So we tore the shoe shelf apart (with a baseball bat) and it jumped out and ran for us, across the floor under the desk. He sort of hid himself under our table with the printer. Tricky little devil. But the mighty hunter and I were much trickier. Yeah, I got the video camera, big d got a mouse trap. We set him up, there was no way out. We wiggled the table, we moved the table, and finally the mouse bolted....over the trap to freedom. Into my laundry room, skidding into the wall on the way. Mass of activity as we know tear the laundry room apart. We got our trusty hunting tools, a flashlight and a baseball bat. He'll never get away!

Well, we spent the better part of an hour and we still couldn't find him. We did find a mouse size hole in where our dryer vent connects to the outside. We figure the vermin escaped. Feeling defeated, but still awake enough to accomplish some much needed organizing, we cleaned up our mess and went to bed. Big d recovered his pride a bit by setting out more traps and temporarily covering the holes in the wall.

We went to bed, upstairs. We still couldn't get our hearts back to normal and were laughing about the whole experience. Stupid mice! It isn't even winter! When suddenly we heard it. The click of a mouse trap, and we knew the rodent had met his end. Big d jumped out of bed triumphantly! He ran downstairs and disposed of the twitchy intruder. A smile on his face as he returned. The mighty mouse hunter.

yeah, and the dog in all of this was hiding under our bed. I guess she isn't so much of a mighty hunter.


big d said...

before you judge (mock) me, think honestly.

what would you have done if you were sitting on the throne, finishing up business, when, suddenly, something brown, furry, and fast, darts into the bathroom from under the door, across the floor toward you, makes a quick u-turn under the vanity, and shoots back out, under the door?

that's right. you'd scream! it's not scary, as much as it is startling!

Stacy said...

I LOL out the "scared the crap out of him" comment!

Glad he met his demise as well... grodd rodents!

Way to go, Big -D!!!

APRIL said...

This happened to me last summer while we were on our pioneer trek. I heard the girls outside the outhouse screaming about a mouse, and I was watching the crack under the door, hoping it wouldn't come in. IT DID, and I screamed. Luckily it found a hole to quickly scurry out of. I hurried out of there, still pulling up my bloomers.....

ShelahBooksIt said...

we were SO creeped out when we had a mouse in our house. The click of that mouse trap was the most satisfying sound I had heard in MONTHS!