Sunday, June 04, 2006

I just love pictures.

We had a wedding on Saturday. My niece. Can you believe that I'm old enough to have a niece get married?? Well this is Utah, and we all get married young here. Although she isn't as young as I was. She is officially 21, and she was born on my parents wedding anniversary. I think she holds a special place in my parents heart too. She was the first, and maybe her parents had a rough go. There are dozens of sweet pictures of her with my parents. Who can doubt the love of a first time grandparent! Of course, it hasn't always been easy to have a beautiful niece so close in age. I was jealous of her for her first few years of life, especially when she lived with us. I was suddenly displaced as the youngest, but it all works out in the end, and to be honest, I feel that she is more my sister than my niece.

The fun part was getting together with family. I rarely see my big brother, he lives in Logan and I do not, and he is apparently pretty busy. The fun thing, is we have boys that are exactly 1 year apart. Yup, my brother's youngest boy (he has 5) and my 2nd boy, were born on the same day, 1 year apart. They became best friends fast, and it was clear to all the family, that they are going to be trouble. Hopefully the good kind of trouble, but I'm not holding my breath.

As for the other cousins, we missed 2 of my sisters' boys, but again, we rarely see them. But we had all 4 siblings, and we didn't even get a picture! What was I thinking? We were missing only 2 of the grandkids...And again, no picture. GRRRR. I really need to be better at this. Who knows when the next time we are all going to be together...The next wedding shouldn't be for a while.

While there, we saw my nephew who has had some hard times, sometime the cards get stacked against you. But he is pulling through and we are all proud of him. He is become a very handsome man. That is weird, not that he is handsome, but that he just graduated from high school.

and then we had the regulars. My nieces and nephew that we see pretty often, and that my kids adore. When you get them all together it is crazy. Wild and crazy.

It was a nice ceremony. And we had a fun time. We were a little tired, as we had our ward campout the previous night, but I'll save that for another post.

Congratulations to my Niece, and to her handsome husband! Best of luck and we love you both! Yes, you can have your cake, and eat it too.

Oh and these last pictures are for you dad...

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emlouisa said...

Fun! Beautiful bride and beautiful cake!!!