Friday, June 30, 2006

why me?

why are kids contagious?

Why does every kid that is sick, give it to my kids? Why does this have to happen on a week like this one? when I am all by myself and have no time to think anyway?

why is it that when kids are sick, they tend to be more grumpy and resist the sleep that they need to get feeling better?

why is it that kids who are sick, smell worse to a pregnant mom who has a hard time keeping her lunch down without the stinky smelling kids?

why do they both insist on being clingy to me?

why do they try to play baseball with each other and hit each other with a hard baseball, only to be grumpy and complain and cry at me, even though I warned them not to do it in the first place?

Why must the six year old act worse than the 3 year old when both are equally miserable?

I guess the only good point is when you are all grown up, your mom, who went through all of this before, can literally sense when you need a good cry, and is there with listening ears while you vent and cry and are all upset. Out of nowhere she calls and just asks how you are doing, and no matter the controll you had when you answered the phone, that all goes and you're crying like one of the kids.


Stacy said...

Sorry the boys are sick. You can call me if you ever want to vent it out, too!

big d said...

i am amazed by your strength. i hope it lasts. i wish i was there to help. i love you.