Sunday, June 25, 2006

So I had this big post to commemorate being a mom now officially for 6 years. I paid tribute to my dear sweet wonderful boy Harry on his 6th birthday. Well blogger sucks and my pictures didn't work. In fact I think my post is lost somewhere in cyberspace.

And since I am way too lazy to do it all again, I'll just forget it ever happened.

Happy Birthday Harry. Sorry I can't treat you to some pictures of him now, but trust me, he's cute. When we went to our annual founder's day festival, this six year old of mine, climbed a rock wall. You know the kind, the ones that those teenagers are doing. Harry did it. And he almost made it to the top. He only freaked out once, but he got over it. He did, and he went to do it again. What a cool kid.

So that is it. I've got a six year old who is trying to keep up with his 10 year old cousin. He is growing up fast. In a couple of weeks, I'll officially be sending him to 1st grade. That is after he gets out of kindergarten. Another rant for another post!

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Stacy said...

Sweet Harry! Happy Birthday! I am so glad I got to be there with your cousins to celebrate your big #6!!! And your mom ROCKS!!!